Alternate Secure System

A simple lock for windows-system without NT-kernel (95,98,ME). Just place this file directly into C: and modify the AUTOEXEC.BAT with the following line:


After a restart you are asked to enter a password. If you dont enter a password or clear the password later on, the program is disabled. The default password-file is
You may change the filename by paramter, e.g.
c:secure.exe c:\MySecretFolder\Secret.pass
If the password-mechanism is deactivated and you want to use it again you have to delete the password-file to enter a new password.

Changes in this version:
- Error correction

Versionnumber: 1.100
Filesize: 67.00
Date: 18.08.2016
MD5 value: 452a26f1ffad55759146d3e0f9448c77
Supported operating systems: Windows 95, 98, Me
Languages included: English
Current Downloads: 735
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